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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 11, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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are very slim indeed. tonight a reminder of why forecasting matters. floods have hit cumbria after a burst of very heavy rain, forcing nine schools and two bridges to close, and this time there was plenty of warning. david shukman, bbc news. the rise in the number of acid attacks in britain has prompted a response by government and plans to restrict the sales of corrosive substances. experts say that british policy—makers should study the experience of bangladesh, where acid attacks were once commonplace, but new measures have led to a drastic fall. bangladeshi women are now raising awareness here in uk. our correspondent, tulip mazumdar, met some of them at a fashion show in london. today, though, they‘ re doing the exact opposite, but it's been a long and painful process for them to get to this point. i put lipstick on my lips and i changed my hairstyle.
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so really looking nice. nahar was 15 when she rejected the advances of a teenage boy in bangladesh. then one night, he came to her house and doused her in acid. after my attack, i started my life off. i had to go back to my studies, but now i'm more confident and i think i cannot change my face, but i can change my life. this is your dress, it's beautiful. sonali was just two weeks old when she was splashed with acid as she slept between her parents. that was over a dispute about land. disfiguring a girl is seen as robbing her of her most valuable asset, her beauty. bangladesh has made some progress, the government there has put restrictions on the sale of acid
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which has helped reduce the number of attacks to fewer than 100 every year. but countries like india, pakistan, columbia and uganda continue to see hundreds of cases annually, and most attacks still go unreported. the uk is also tightening controls on acid sales after a sharp rise in cases here. more than 400 have been reported in less than a year, these were mostly criminal gangs attacking men. with the help of actionaid uk, these women are standing up and standing proud, showing the world that they are strong and they are defiant. translation: i have come so far after such a devastating attack. we didn't lose hope. we didn't hide in the house. we want other women to see us and be inspired. tulip mazumdar, bbc news, london.
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tulip mazumdar speaking to some of the women who've survived acid attacks. here on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm hugh woozencroft. coming up on this evening's programme, ben stokes loses a major sponsor as he apologising for allegedly mocking the disabled son of celebrity katie price.
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chelsea ladies make it through to the last 16 of the champions league, with a massive result in germany. and we speak to northern ireland's carl frampton as he looks forward to his homecoming fight in belfast next month. good evening — plenty come but we start with news this evening that sportswear manufacturer ‘new balance‘ has ended it's sponsorship with england cricketer ben stokes. it follows his recent arrest over an incident near a bristol nightclub and after the all rounder issued an apology today — to the tv celebrity katie price and her disabled son harvey, after a video emerged of stokes apparently impersonating the pair. here's more from our sports
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correspondent katie gornall. he said in a statement he should never have done this, he is sorry, it was never my intention to offend. he goes on to say he has written to them and offered to meet them in person with a view to getting behind the petition about online bullying. he ends by saying i hope i can put this right. this video emerged last month and came to light at a time when he was already under intense scrutiny because of an incident where he was arrested on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm. this statement is the first time we've heard from him in any capacity on any subject since that incident in bristol. ben stokes not currently charged with anything, we're yet to know if you will be on the plane when the team flies out for the ashes on october 28. to football and great news for chelsea — they are into to the last 16
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of the women's champions league, despite losing 2—1 away to bayern munich this evening. the wsl spring series winners were 1—0 up from their home tie last week, and held on to go through on away goals thanks to england striker fran kirby's finish on the hour mark. they survived late pressure to secure one of the finest results for a british women's side in europe. four of chelsea's players are named mo marley's england first squad as interim england boss for the team's friendly away in france next friday. there are three absentees from the squad that beat russia last month, but no new faces. former us captain alexis lalas says bruce arena has to resign as manager of the national team as the united states failed to reach the world cup for the first time since 1986. a draw against trinidad and tobago would've been enough but they lost 2—1. i spoke to lalas earlier. it is the worst day in us soccer history. the world cup, keep
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in mind in the us obviously soccer is not the number one sport and we as a soccer playing nation and as an emerging soccer playing nation cannot afford to waste these platforms that come along every four years. we grab them with the women's team but we have to make sure that we do with the men's team because it changes perspective, it gains credibility and relevancy, notjust domestic and around the world, and to waste that it is hugely damaging to the progress of the sport. soccer is not going away, the sky is not falling and it isn't going away, but this is a definite body blow. finally, bruce arena, is he the man to ta ke finally, bruce arena, is he the man to take the team forward? there have been bright shoots, christian pulisic at borussia dortmund, is he the man to lead them to the next world cup? no, no, no, bruce arena
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should resign today without question. regardless of the made the world cup i always loved that it is a temporary position, he was brought in to fill the position and get the ship back on course which he did to a certain extent but no, from this day forward they should be looking for someone to day forward they should be looking for someone to come day forward they should be looking for someone to come in in this next cycle with a lot of time to do things that's going to do something different and that's what it comes down to as we look at ourselves and have that introspection. staying with america, more on the political argument dividing the country. former san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick first protested against racial injustice and police brutality by kneeling down during the united states national anthem in the summer of 2016. since then, a whole movement has grown around that gesture. with the us presisdent donald trump condemning those who "take a knee" as unpatriotic. the owner of the new england patriots robert kraft has told the bbc you need to respect the right for people to make peaceful protest.
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it is very important to respect our flag and our anthem. but i also respect the right of people in this country to make statements or protest peacefully in a way that is appropriate to them. i think there were some comments made about what our young men were doing which were a little inflammatory and inappropriate. and i thought i had to speak out and i spoke to the team and i told them that they were free to do what they thought was correct. and the way you build team and you build success is to let people be themselves. you can see more of that interview on newsnight right now on bbc 2 or download the 5live podcast via the 5live website. former two—weight world champion
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carl frampton has been speaking to the bbc ahead of his fight with mexico's horacio garcia next month. it's the northern irishman‘s first fight since january, and his first since the split with long—time manager barry mcguigan and his trainer son shane. i spoke to him a little earlier on about his upcoming bout. i'm looking forward to it a lot. i have not boxed at home in belfast for probably two and a half years now. the atmosphere is always incredible so i can't wait to get under the lights again and hopefully put in an explosive performance. your last fight was called off so it is ten months probably since you would have got in the ring. how will it affect you? i think it will be ok. i have full training camp agouti areas, the fight was called off literally the day before it was meant to take place. of the ring and out of the gym.
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i have another camp behind me. i am looking forward to it. i am feeling like i am on track at the moment, feeling sharp, feeling good, no injuries. i feel like i will put in a good performance. that is good news but there have been changes is the last time you were in the ring. you have left your camp, tell us what was what was behind that decision and how things are going with jamie? i thought at this stage my career it was the thing to do. shane was an incredible coach and his dad was a very good manager as well. i just thought it was the right thing for me to do. the selfish reasons, to get the big fights i need tojump the change things. and finally to end today's show we celebrate the birthday of one of english football's true greats — sir bobby charlton. the former manchester united and england captain turns 80 today — so we thought we'd leave you with an 80—second tribute. goodnight. bobby charlton is manchester united.
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he'sa bobby charlton is manchester united. he's a legend in the history of football. a true role model, a level above really. key is respected in the field and even more so off the field. he would be speaking and everyone was listening to his every word. he was one of the greatest of all time. what a goal! great goal by charlton! charlton! he's got another! he is a beating you can throw out and say there is our light, bobby charlton. there is no better ambassador for foot ball there is no better ambassador for football in this country. we are blessed to have someone like them. football in this country. we are blessed to have someone like themlj would give him back those records
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for a world cup winner '5 medal that's for sure. winning the world cup, winning the european cop, the greatest player in the world. success greatest player in the world. su ccess ca n greatest player in the world. success can change people but it's never changed bobby charlton. welcome to our look at what the papers will be bringing us. i enjoyed by the political editor at buzzfeed and the deputy political editor at the sunday times. the front pages. the metro headlines with comments from the chancellor that it's possible flight between the eu and the uk could be grounded on the day brexit in the event of no being reached. tomorrow's front pages, starting with the metro headlines the telegraph claims the minister for social care told a fringe meeting at the tory party conference that it was unfair for younger taxpayers to pay for pensioners to keep their property when it could be sold to help pay for their care the guardian leads with a report from the international monetary fund that suggests increasing tax rates for higher earners
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could arrest income inequality. it also carries a photograph of bond star laa seydoux, who claims she was also attacked by harvey weinstein. the i leads with the prime minister's condemnation of film producer harvey weinstein, who bafta has suspended from its membership today, over allegations of sexual harassment. the sun alleges cia agents have told their british counterparts that sally jones, also known as the white widow, has been killed at the iraq/syria border in june. the ft claims tech giants netflix and ebay collectively paid less than £1.9 million in uk tax last year. and the express devotes its front page to the announcement from buckingham palace that the queen will not lay a wreath at this year's remembrance sunday commemorations so let's begin. let's begin with a story we thought we might have seen the back of, the daily telegraph, homes are not an asset to get to your children says minister, this has overtones of the so—called dementia tax.
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minister, this has overtones of the so-called dementia tax. it does and ican be so-called dementia tax. it does and i can be imagining downing street looking at this with their head in their hands thinking not again. the general election was overshadowed by a major row over social care with the manifesto commitment which was basically interrupted by everyone to mean that pensioners were


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